Reese \\ Pleated Organza Skirt

Length74 cmLining62 cmStretchable Waist30-55 cm..

Pleated Organza Skirt
MYR 69.00

Ringa \\ Cotton Fringe Tee

Length72 cmBust50-70 cmWaist50-70 cmSleeve Width23 cm..

Cotton Fringe Tee
MYR 45.00

Sara \\ 2-Piece Preppy Overall Skirt with Shirt

Length53 cmShoulde Width ~48 cmBust48 cmWaist 48 cmSleeve Width20 cmSleeve Length40 cmLength 94 (Lo..

2-Piece Preppy Overall Skirt with Shirt
MYR 89.00

Shane \\ Perfect Cutting Buckle Shorts

Length35 cmWaist34-36 cmHip44-48 cmHem32.5 cmZipat BackLength36 cmWaist36-38 cmHip47-50 cmHem34.5 cm..

Perfect Cutting Buckle Shorts
MYR 59.00

Simone \\ High Street Chic Cutout Mermaid With Inner

Length79 cmBust44-56 cmHip45-62 cmLength105 cmBust52-60 cmStretchable Waist28-51 cmHip60-68 cmSleeve..

High Street Chic Cutout Mermaid With Inner
MYR 98.00

Sue \\ Lacey Crochet Wave 2-piece Suits

TwoWay WearLength45 cmShoulder Width~39 cmBust44-50 cmWaist40-44 cmSleeve Width22 cmSleeve Length42 ..

Lacey Crochet Wave 2-piece Suits
MYR 98.00

Sugar \\ Hallow Out Knitted Top

Length52 cmBust53 cmWaist53 cmSleeve Width25 cmSleeve Length28 cm..

Hallow Out Knitted Top
MYR 60.00

Susan \\ MidSleeve Striped Embroidery Dress

Length84 cmBust49 cmWaist40-44 cmSleeve Width24 cmSleeve Length34 cmZipat SideFully Lined..

MidSleeve Striped Embroidery Dress
MYR 90.00

Swan \\ Swan On Collar Shirt

Length63 cmBust49 cmShoulder Width38 cmSleeve Width 22 cmSleeveLength 57cm..

Swan On Collar Shirt
MYR 69.00

Sylvie \\ Lacey Poet Sleeve Dress

Length122 cmLining90 cmBust47 cmStretchable Waist30-45 cmSleeve Width25 cmSleeve Length21 cm..

Lacey Poet Sleeve Dress
MYR 98.00

Tealyn \\ Aryan Gold Beaded Dress

Inner / Length81 cmBust41-43 cmHip 48-52 cm Outer / Length86 cmSleeve Width23 cmInner / Length82 cmB..

Aryan Gold Beaded Dress
MYR 96.00

Trinity \\ Cubism Fruits Suits

Length59 cmBust49 cmSleeve Width23 cmSleeve Length14 cmLength46 cmWaist36 cmZipat BackHip50 cmLength..

Cubism Fruits Suits
MYR 93.00

Venetia \\ Vacation Cotton Crochet Top

Length54 cmBust60 cmStretchable Waist31-60 cmSleeve Width26 cmSleeve Length44 cm..

Vacation Cotton Crochet Top
MYR 60.00

Vienne \\ V Neck Suits Skater

Length94 cmBust44-47 cmWaist33-35 cmSleeve Width27 cmZip Side..

V Neck Suits Skater
MYR 89.00
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