Norma \\ Cotton Collar Dairsy Top

Length 67/Front75/Back cmBust68 cmWaist68 cmSleeve Width25 cmSleeve Length38 cm..

Cotton Collar Dairsy Top
MYR 83.00

Patsy \\ Tribal Print Edge V Neck Dress

Length88 cmBust48-55 cmStretchable Waist34-56 cmSleeve Width24 cmSleeve Length26 cmLined..

Tribal Print Edge V Neck Dress
MYR 85.00

Petra \\ Earthy Cotton Oversized Collor Dress

Length108 cmBust53 cmWaist53 cmSleeve Width24 cmSleeve Length28 cmShoulder Width39 cm..

Earthy Cotton Oversized Collor Dress
MYR 95.00

Poney \\ Pony Pullover Dress

Length84 cmBust56 cmHip68 cmSleeve Width27 cmSleeve Width60 cm..

Pony Pullover Dress
MYR 83.00

Qiana \\ Cutie Cotton Foxie Pants

Length84 cmStretchable Waist33-50 cmHip54 cmRise30 cmThigh29 cmHem16 cm..

Cutie Cotton Foxie Pants
MYR 69.00

Rae \\ Premium Classic V-Neck Skater

Length83 cmBust45 cmWaist37-39 cmSleeve Width21 cmZipat BackFully Lined..

Premium Classic V-Neck Skater
MYR 85.00

Sadie \\ Minimalist Long Sleeve Top

Length62 cmBust50 cmHem50 cmShoulder Width39 cmSleeve Width22 cmSleeve Length52 cm..

Minimalist Long Sleeve Top
MYR 65.00

Shan \\ Airy Dayout Wind Jacket

Length51 cmBust61 cmWaist52 cmSleeve Width21 cmSleeve Length32 cm..

Airy Dayout Wind Jacket
MYR 79.00

Shona \\ Detachable Scarf Top

Length59 cmBust54 cmWaist49 cmSleeve Width22 cm..

Detachable Scarf Top
MYR 60.00

Spring \\ Ribbon Collar Preppy Linen Dress

Length82 cmBust53 cmHip55 cmSleeve Width23 cmRibbonis Detachable..

Ribbon Collar Preppy Linen Dress
MYR 69.00

Sunn \\ Sunflower Embroidery Collar Dress

Length97 cmBust52 cmWaist Max to46 cmShoulder Width42 cmSleeve Width23 cmSleeve Length38 cm..

Sunflower Embroidery Collar Dress
MYR 98.00

Suzu \\ Cotton Striped Textured Bow Shirt

Length56.5 cmShoulder Width37 cmBust50 cmWaist50 cmSleeve Width25 cmSleeve Length58 cm..

Cotton Striped Textured Bow Shirt
MYR 66.00
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